Oskarshamn nuclear power plant - OKG (to the startpage)

Access regulations

In order to be granted access to OKG, certain permits are required. These permits are issued by OKG only after a prior request has been made. The prior request is to be done on a pre-registration form supplied by the respective contact person at OKG. In addition, a confidentiality obligation is signed by hand. The filled-in prior request and confidentiality obligation are to be returned before the day of arrival, to the respective contact person at OKG.

On your arrival at OKG, you must report to the central check point (Centralvakten) reception. Don't forget to bring valid identification. ID cards and dosimeters are obtained at the reception.

The following is required if you will be working at OKG

Check of public records/Security Clearance and Commitment of Professional Confidentiality
Drug test
Security and Safety training (SoS)

The following is furthermore required if you will be working in radiological environments

Medical examination for work in radiological environments
Radiation protection in practice (SiP)
Clean Systems Training
Doses received outside the Swedish nuclear facilities


If you have any questions regarding access to OKG, please do not hesitate to contact us:

 +46 491-78 62 39 

 Main entrance/Reception