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News and Press Releases

  • Challenges and successes in 2020

    Pressmeddelande2020 became a strange year with massive changes in the entire world, and naturally also for OKG. The greatest challenge for OKG last year was the carefully prepared maintenance outage, which due to the current pandemic had another dimension. We were, however, able to complete all the required activities in the anticipated manner.

    Jan 11

  • Oskarshamn 3 ready for long-term operation

    NyhetDuring the autumn, a supplementary security system was installed at OKG. As the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority has announced that the installation is considered to meet the requirements for an independent core cooling, fossil-free electricity production at Oskarshamn 3 will be secured for many years to come.

    Dec 21

  • O3 back to grid after short operational interruption

    PressmeddelandeAfter a short operational interruption O3 is now back in operation.

    Dec 2

  • O3 disconnected for corrective maintenance

    PressmeddelandeEarly Monday, November 30th, Oskarshamn 3 (O3) was disconnected from grid for a shorter stop. It was in connection with the restart after the annual outage that the need for corrective measures was identified in the turbine's generator equipment.

    Nov 30

  • OKG's website in a new suit

    NyhetDo you notice any difference? We have now launched a completely new website for OKG. The content is the same as before, but the packaging and appearance are in a newer and fresher version!

    Nov 26

  • Oskarshamn 3 is back in operation after the annual outage

    PressmeddelandeAfter an outage of more than 100 days with comprehensive measures, Oskarshamn 3 (O3) is now back in operation. Many large maintenances have been carried out in parallel with an ongoing pandemic and the challenges have thus been many.

    Nov 20

  • Top Class Electricity Production at OKG

    PressmeddelandeWith a production on more than 11 billion kilowatt hours at unit Oskarshamn 3 (O3) in 2019, a new record was not the only event that happened as far as the unit is concerned. The statistics recently presented by the World Nuclear Association (WNA) states that unit O3 also generated the tenth largest annual production among all the nuclear power plants in the world.

    Sep 8

  • Extensive and Challenging Outage Commencing

    PressmeddelandeFollowing an operating season characterized by stable production, it is now time for the annual outage to take place at unit Oskarshamn 3 (O3). However, due to the current pandemic, the conditions are somewhat different this year. The outage has been extended by approximately three weeks in order for us to be able to ensure stable electricity deliveries until the outage in 2021, while focusing on safety and quality.

    Jul 31