OKG - Ett företag i E.ON koncernen

About OKG

OKG was founded in 1965 and today owns and operates three nuclear reactor units – Oskarshamn 1, 2 and 3 – which together account for ten per cent of the total electricity generation in Sweden.

OKG presently has approximately 900 employees and an annual turnover of around SEK 3 billion.

The plant is located on the Swedish east coast, 30 kms north of Oskarshamn. Oskarshamn 1, also Sweden's first commercial nuclear power unit, was commissioned in 1972. Oskarshamn 2 has been in operation since 1974 and Oskarshamn 3 was put into commercial operation in 1985.

Each reactor is shut down every year for three to six weeks for maintenance, safety system control and replacement of 20 per cent of the fuel elements. These planned outages normally occur between May and September. The total plant investment at Oskarshamn is approximately SEK 20 billion.

The village of Simpevarp is situated at the centre of the industrial site. Some of the 18th century houses in the village have been reverentially restored by OKG. The buildings and houses are now used as accommodation for visitors, for conferences, for education, company health care and information purposes.

Our mission

"We shall generate nuclear based electricity for our customers, in a safe way and at a competitive cost."

Our vision

"OKG shall be a world-class nuclear power company."

Core values

Our product shall always be available at the right price. We provide value-enhancing solutions in a business characterized by costumer orientation and effectiveness while maintaining a low production cost.

We provide sustainable and reliable energy generation and maintain an open dialogue, by building trust over time in a business that is characterized by safety-consciousness and sustainability which results in a high production capacity.

We are becoming a world class company by resolving tomorrow's problems today. Our business is characterized by commitment and the result of this is a high production availability.

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