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Oskarshamn 3 is up and running - 1450 MW on the way back!

June 19, 2021

During Friday, June 18, OKG ended the annual outage as Oskarshamn 3 (O3) was connected to the power grid. The plant will soon deliver fossil-free and safe base power with full effect.

During four weeks, approximately 1 900 maintenance measures have been carried out with high efficiency on O3. In addition to the usual refuelling, where about one-fifth of the fuel has been replaced, the necessary maintenance work and inspections have been carried out successfully.

- With safety, quality and efficiency in focus, we have now taken this year's outage over the finish line, says Andreas Roos, head of production at O3. I would like to send a big thank you to all employees and contractors who have in some way been involved in this year's work!

In order to protect employees' health during the outage, OKG performed screening for Covid-19 on all personnel during the most intense weeks. The measure was a complement to already existing infection prevention measures and around 7 800 tests have been carried out with an outcome above all expectations.

- It has been important for us to do everything we can so that no one has to be infected at work, says Charlotte Andersson, head of joint services. The outcome of the screening with only two positive asymptomatic cases partly reflects a decreasing trend in society, but also shows that our employees take great personal responsibility and stay at home in the event of symptoms.

The plant was put back into operation on Friday, about a week later than the original schedule due to additional measures, and full power is expected to be reached during the coming week.

Information about any changes is available on the web page of the Nordic power market, nordpoolspot.com. Information about the current production is also available on Production information.

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