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Oskarshamn 3 is back in operation after the annual outage

November 20, 2020

After an outage of more than 100 days with comprehensive measures, Oskarshamn 3 (O3) is now back in operation. Many large maintenances have been carried out in parallel with an ongoing pandemic and the challenges have thus been many. It is therefore gratifying that O3, through its capacity of 1,450 MW, has now returned to grid and contributes to the Nordic electricity supply system's delivery capacity.

A restart is always complicated and especially after such an extensive outage as this year, but during the evening on November 18th, O3 was put back into operation. During the past months, major maintenances have been carried out in several parts of the facility. The most comprehensive has been to install the new system for independent core cooling, a complementary safety system that prevents the risk of damage to the fuel core. The independent core cooling system is an important parameter in OKG's long-term planning that ensures the possibility of producing climate-smart electricity for a long time ahead.

- Even though the re-start of O3 occurs somewhat later than we initially planned, everyone involved have done an incredible job with completing all planned as well as additional activities, says Mats Ekblad, Production Manager at OKG. I would like to express my greatest thank you to each and everyone that, in the middle of a pandemic, have been part of this successful outage.

In addition to the installation of an independent core cooling system other big activities have been performed, such as inspections of the reactor vessel and its internal parts. There have also been vast amounts of inspections and measures on the turbine facility.

Oskarshamn 3 (O3) is through its capacity of 1 450 MW a vital part of the Nordic electricity supply system and distribution capacity. When O3 now return to grid the society can rely on our full capacity during the colder season ahead.


Information about any changes is available on the web page of the Nordic power market, nordpoolspot.com. Information about the current production is also available on Production information.