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Top Class Electricity Production at OKG

September 8, 2020

With a production on more than 11 billion kilowatt hours at unit Oskarshamn 3 (O3) in 2019, a new record was not the only event that happened as far as the unit is concerned. The statistics recently presented by the World Nuclear Association (WNA) states that unit O3 also generated the tenth largest annual production among all the nuclear power plants in the world.

By a production capacity on 1,450 MW, unit O3 is one of the largest nuclear power reactors in the world of its kind. It is, however, not a guarantee that a large capacity also equals large deliveries.

- The output capacity depends on several factors, says acting Managing Director Jan Karjalainen. Really large volumes require very effective interaction between man, technology and organisation.

In the running operations of the plant, safe and efficient electricity generation is ensured through the good work of the operations organisation and through preventive as well as corrective maintenance. The long-term capacity of the unit regarding delivering electricity at a high level is based on a proactive investment programme that takes into consideration production as well as safety aspects.

- Following an extensive modernisation that was performed ten years ago, unit O3 has gone from strength to strength, Jan Karjalainen continues. This is also confirmed by the positive reports provided by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority as well as the international trade association WANO in their recurrent evaluations of the overall capacity of the OKG organisation.

This positive development can be attributed to the extensive improvement activities that have been in progress for nearly ten years at the company.

- It is very good news that the impact of the change management process, that all our employees at OKG contribute to, is also reflected in an increasingly improved accuracy of delivery, says Johan Svenningsson, Chairman of the Board of Directors at OKG. This achievement is even more admirable if you take into consideration that the organisation for these past five years also has implemented an extensive organisational restructuring due to the decision to permanently close down two of the plant's three reactors.

- By delivering 11 billion kilowatt hours of fossil free electricity, unit O3 has not only strongly contributed to the stability of the Swedish electricity system and power supply, but also to the global climate activities through the single largest contribution to a future fossil free production in the country, Johan Svenningsson concludes.