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OKG has appointed a new CEO

July 16, 2020

The Board of OKG has appointed Johan Lundberg as the new CEO of OKG AB. Johan Lundberg is today head of the fuel factory at Westinghouse in Västerås. He will assume the position at OKG after the summer.

Johan Lundberg started in 1996 as an engineer at ABB Atom, which later became Westinghouse. Since 2012, he has held several leading positions in the Swedish organization of Westingjhouse. Now he takes the step fully - from the supplier stage to the production stage - and becomes CEO of OKG.

"Yes, it will be really exciting to get one step closer to what is the core of the energy industry - to produce power. It´s an honorable assignment that also inspires great respect. At the same time, it´s not completely unknown land to me. I have spent a lot of time at Swedish nuclear power plants over the years, in connection with maintenance and modernization projects. For example, I was involved in installing a system for reactor protection on Oskarshamn 1 in the early 2000s", says Johan Lundberg.

"My leadership style is based on the "inverted pyramid", where the team are the important, and that perform all the activities that the business and the whole need. It creates responsibility and commitment. I am part of the team, where my overall task is to focus on goals and steer towards results", says the incoming CEO.

Westinghouse, and formerly ASEA Atom and ABB Atom, has become something of a forcing-bed for leaders and executives in the nuclear industry. And it's not a bad school. The Swedish program during the 70s and 80s, built twelve commercial reactors within 15 years. And almost exclusively with domestic management and engineering expertise at ASEA Atom and at the nuclear power companies.

"Johan Lundberg is a product of this environment. He has a modern leadership philosophy and solid experience from the nuclear power industry. I am very pleased that we have been able to recruit him to lead the business at OKG", says the Country Chairman of Uniper Sweden, and also the chairman of the OKG board, Johan Svenningsson, himself with a background at Westinghouse and as CEO of OKG between the years 2012-2015.

"OKG is in a phase where O3 is prepared for long-term operation while O1 and O2 are permanently closed and will be dismantled and demolished in coordination with Barsebäcksverket. It means that the OKG organization has differentiated goals and challenges in some parts. A situation that requires a clear and committed leadership", says Johan Svenningsson.

Jan Karjalainen is currently acting CEO of OKG after the former CEO Johan Dasht became the new CEO of Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB, SKB, on March 1st this year.