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Extensive and Challenging Outage Commencing

July 31, 2020

Following an operating season characterized by stable production, it is now time for the annual outage to take place at unit Oskarshamn 3 (O3). However, due to the current pandemic, the conditions are somewhat different this year. The outage has been extended by approximately three weeks in order for us to be able to ensure stable electricity deliveries until the outage in 2021, while focusing on safety and quality.

On 1 August at 19:00 hours, unit O3 was disconnected from the grid in order for the annual outage to be initiated, which this year will last for 86 days. The outage period is longer than usual due to the measures taken in order to reduce the risk of the coronavirus spreading among the people working at the plant.

- As always, it is our top priority that we shall ensure a sound working environment for everyone working at the plant during the outage, says Mats Ekblad, Plant Manager. Our aim is that nobody will risk falling ill with the coronavirus at our workplace. The pandemic is a new phenomenon in these aspects, which we now have to approach. We have thus prior to this year's outage adapted our procedures with the aim of having such an effective infectious disease control as possible.
In addition to the usual refuelling, maintenance measures and tests, several major works will also be completed. One of the major measures to be taken this year is the installation of a new safety system, as a supplement to the existing ones. The system must be in operation before the turn of the year and is part of OKG's long-term plan for the generation of climate-friendly electricity for a long time ahead.

- One of the conditions is naturally that our personnel can complete these installations under safe conditions. With respect to the disease management and control, work has been scheduled in sequences instead of in parallel, since this reduces the number of personnel working at the plant at the same time, Mats Ekblad points out.

Unit O3 is with its capacity on 1,450 MW an important factor for the output capacity of the Nordic power supply system. The extended outage starting earlier than previously scheduled does not affect the planned restart on 26 October. The public will thus be able to rely on maximum delivery capacity from unit O3 during the cold season.