Oskarshamn nuclear power plant - OKG (to the startpage)

Plans for a second nuclear power plant in Oskarshamn began as early as 1967. In 1969 an order was once again placed to Asea. Oskarshamn 2 was connected to the power grid from the first time in October 1974. The plant officially started operation in December that same year. O2 is constructed in the same way as both of the reactors at Barsebäck. A power upgrade at O2 was completed in 1982, from 580 MW to 630 MW.

At an extraordinary shareholders' meeting held October, 14 2015, OKG's majority owner E.ON upheld their policy decision on the premature shutdown of units Oskarshamn 1 (O1) and Oskarshamn 2 (O2). The decision entails that there will be no future investments at unit O2 and the reactor will not be restarted.

At the time of the decision, O2 was in the throes of an extensive modernisation that was estimated to take about 10 years to complete. The generator and transformer was replaced first. The most important stages of the modernisation occured during 2007, 2009 and 2013 and involved, among other things, the replacement of the low pressure turbine and the reconstruction of the control room. A new reactor protection system and new control equipment for the turbine facilities was also completed. The last stage was planned to end in 2015. In connection with the modernisation of O2, the education and training of personnel in the control room was moved from Studsvik to a new simulator located on Simpevarp peninsula.

A few facts

Construction began: 1969
Start-up: 1974
Gross output: 661 MW
Highest annual production: 5.0 TWh in 2010
Shutdown: 2015
Total production: 154 TWh