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Nuclear Safety Policy

The safety of our nuclear assets is an indispensable prerequisite for the long term operation of these, as well as for protecting members of the public, our staff and asset values. Hence, nuclear safety is a prerequisite for the public acceptance and profi tability, which in turn benefits our stakeholders and our name.

Each employee who is working with nuclear, who is involved with and influences nuclear work, nuclear business and decisions impacting nuclear is personally responsible for complying with the rules set out herein.

The following principles apply to all functions of OKG/Uniper:

  • We have a clear nuclear safety strategy – Nuclear safety has the highest priority

  • We acknowledge and encourage the personal responsibility for nuclear safety

  • We challenge status quo and continuously drive improvements

  • Our leaders demonstrate commitment to nuclear safety in their decisions and behaviors

  • We are transparent and honest about performance. We deal with problems openly and learn from mistakes and successes.