Oskarshamn nuclear power plant - OKG (to the startpage)

Entrance control


Upon arriving at OKG, you pass through a security checkpoint, at which all vehicles about to enter the site are checked and you are requested to present your ID key card. If you do not have an ID key card for the site, you must present valid identification papers and state your business. You must also be prepared to give the name of a contact person at OKG to the security personnel.

All vehicles that are not regular private cars pass through the checkpoint in separate lanes and more extensive checks are performed on such vehicles. In order to prevent queues from forming during rush-hour traffic, private cars may also during that time use these special lanes marked with "Övriga fordon" (other vehicles) if the green light is on.

Access control

In order to gain admission to the monitored area, you must pass the access control. This means that you must verify your identity by the use of fingerprint reading. Vein scanning is used as an alternative method for those who have unreadable fingerprints.

Prohibited items

Below is a list of items that may not be brought into the site:

  • Items that can, or appear to, fire a projectile or cause damage

  • Thrown weapons

  • Explosives, ammunition, blasting caps and detonators

  • Any kind of knives, bayonets etc.

  • Knuckle-dusters, clubs, batons

  • Alcohol or any other drugs that stimulate the central nervous system

  • Cameras

  • Inflammable substances, chemicals, acids and bases, gases, sprays, and pressurized containers.*

* Such items are handled via OKG's goods receiving station.

Security check

Put your coat, hat/cap, cellphone, any electrical devices, luggage, metal objects and your OKG ID key card in a plastic tray on the belt conveyor. Then go through the metal detector, which reacts on different kinds of metal objects.

If the metal detector gives a response, there are several ways for the security guard to check the cause. The security guard may ask you to go through the metal detector again, use a hand-held metal detector, or conduct a manual check.

At the security checks of goods and vehicles scanning is conducted using an explosives (material) detector, and in certain cases checks are also conducted using dogs.

Additional security check

Via random selection, additional security checks may be conducted consisting of scanning by the use of an explosives (material) detector and exhalation sample. This scanning procedure only takes a few minutes.