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Contractor at OKG

To be able to work as a contractor at OKG, it is required, among other things, that you have the right access documents and the right education. Below is general information for you who work as an contractorat OKG.

Access regulations
Training requirements
Working at OKG - What you need to know when working at OKG
Covid-19 guidelines and measures at OKG
Information Security

Apart from the requirements for various documents and educations that must be approved, there are special regulations in a number of areas which are described below.

Chemical products must be analysed with regard to any content that may affect the plant, people or the environment. If you have any questions, please contact the Chemical group via e-mail. The forms below are in Swedish, if help needed filling them in, please contact your contact person at OKG

Form for notification of new chemical product
Disclosure of items to be taken in used in controlled area

The form is filled out and submitted via e-mail or to:

SE-572 83 Oskarshamn

The interdosimeter operation at OKG holds approval from the authority SSM. Control programs for control of internal intake are performed on selection groups. Anyone who wishes to make such a check by whole body measurement will of course get it (included as a separate selection group below). Book an appointment with the dosimetry group
tel. +46 491-78 63 68, +46 491-78 65 33 or +46 491-78 63 67.

The groups are divided according to:

  1. Feared intake of radioactive substances

  2. High risk of ingestion of radioactive substances

  3. Reference group

  4. Own request for internal dose measurement

OKG app

Feel free to download OKG's app as well, where you can find news, important phone numbers, maps and much more.



General questions:
+46 491-78 62 39

Contract issues:
+46 491-78 71 73

Access issues:
+46 491-78 62 39

Housing issues:
+46 491-78 61 91