Accommodation and leisure time

For your comfort, we have put together some information about:

  • Post offices and grocery shops
  • Accommodation
  • Leisure time
  • Bus connections
  • Cafeterias/restaurants
  • Parking

Post offices and grocery shops

Such facilities are found in Figeholm and in Oskarshamn, circa 10 km respectively 30 km from OKG.


OKG offers accommodation in Söråbyn, located in connection to the nuclear power plant. For reservations and questions, contact OKG's housing officer on phone no. +46 491-78 61 91.

Rooms and flats in Oskarshamn can be rented via the municipal's leisure office or via advertisements in the local newspapers.

OKG's Housing officer +46 491-78 61 91

Housing officer OKG

The municipal's leisure office in Oskarshamn +46 491-880 00

Leisure time

In Söråbyn, there are some opportunities for exercise, such as a well-lit jogging track and a recreation area.

Telia offer an internet surf zone in Söråbyn, which means that you can use the wireless internet. Turn to our housing officer as per the information given above, to buy tickets at cost price at the Söråbyn reception desk. The reception desk has the following opening hours:

  • Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 12:00-16:00
  • Thursdays and Fridays between 07:30-11:30

Bus connections

KLT local public transport in Oskarshamn.

KLT's web site


OKG's personnel restaurant, Simpan, offers a variety of meals at the site. Opening hours and the weekly menu are posted on notice boards at the units and in the restaurant. Simpan is open all days of the week during the outage periods, to order a meal at the weekends during the rest of the year, pre-order is required.

In Figeholm you find a pizza place and in Fårbo you find a restaurant, a diner and a fast food place. In Oskarshamn there is a variety of restaurants, cafeterias and diners available.


Parking is available in connection to the entrance building.

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