Drug Test

All those who work at OKG must be tested for drugs. The test is carried out by the corporate medical care or by another care institution. Analysis must be carried out in a accredited laboratory. Following must be tested for: cannabis, cocaine, heroin/morphine, bensodiazepine and amphetamine which shall be clear from the certificate.

Certificate of approved drug test must be submitted before arrival at OKG. The certificate must include the following to be approved:

  • First and last name
  • Birth date
  • Company
  • Date of drug test
  • Date and signature of qualified executive
  • Which substance are tested

Send the certificates and reports by letter or e-mail to:

Main entrance/Reception
572 83 Oskarshamn

Main entrance/Reception

Refresher Requirements

The drug test must be undergone with three years' interval.

Page reviewed Wednesday, July 26, 2017