Safety Culture

Safety culture is a concept that cannot be clearly defined. We at OKG have consequently chosen to work with a simple safety culture model that is composed of three parts: understanding, risk management and conduct.

The concept of safety culture can be described as a form of risk and safety awareness that is present in the daily work. That means that workers, in their daily work, are alert, are thinking further than the actual task being completed and are considering how consequences from their actions can affect plant safety.

An important theme within safety culture at OKG is trying to preserve a climate in which workers can question, suggest improvements and at the same time be responsive. In other words, personnel should be able to have a good dialog with increased insight and understanding. But this in itself does not suffice. Everyone at OKG must also act and do business with safety in mind. This is the basis of safety culture.

Page reviewed Wednesday, July 26, 2017