Organisational Restructuring Completes the Adaptation of the Activities at OKG

Pressrelease Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Once the scheduled restructuring of the OKG organisation is implemented on 1 October this year, there will be a redundancy in the organisation. The company and the white-collar unions have come to an agreement stating that the redundancy for the most part will be handled through voluntary agreements on termination of employment. In the long term, the organisation at OKG will consist of approximately 570 employees tasked with delivering climate efficient electricity from unit O3 in a safe and efficient manner, while at the same time the decommissioning and dismantling of units O1 and O2 will be completed.

This following Tuesday, managers at OKG will hold the initial individual discussions with all employees, giving information about in what way each employee is affected by the organisational restructuring to be implemented on 1 October. Some of these discussions will involve notice of termination due to redundancy.

– Unfortunately, the decision to permanently shut down units O1 and O2 has resulted in a gradual redundancy, MD Johan Dasht says. Our changed mission thus entails that we for the past two months have negotiated with the unions in order to come to an agreement on how to handle the redundancy brought on by these changes.

The results of the company's work on voluntary agreements and the negotiations of the union regulations on order of priority entail that a total of approximately 40 employees will be given notice. Nearly all these employees concerned will leave the company in connection with the implementation of the new organisation on 1 October.

Our changed mission entails that OKG for the next ten years shall complete the decommissioning and dismantling of units O1 and O2 in a safe and efficient manner. The new organisation shall at the same time provide the best conditions possible for the activities to deliver climate efficient electricity from unit O3 for at least another 25 years.

– This organisational restructuring is the final stage in our adaptation of the activities, says Johan Dasht. This is thus the completion of an almost four year-long change management process, which was initiated by the decision to shut down two out of three reactors, adopted on 14 October, 2015.

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