Notice of termination and new recruitment when OKG mobilize for the future

Pressrelease Wednesday, March 13, 2019

In a final adaption of the OKG organization to the changed preconditions, which were decided in 2015, it is clear that there is a need for both new recruitment as well as notice of termination of some thirty posts.

Today the trade unions at OKG have been informed that the changed business at OKG is calculated to require approximately 570 posts. With this the organization is assessed to have resources which are adapted for the preconditions that applies, namely to continue the production of electricity at unit 3 and at the same time complete the shutdown of unit 1 and 2.

With collected knowledge about the need for resources connected to the shutdown and an expected focus on production and maintenance of one reactor instead of three, it is clear that OKG has a redundancy of sixty posts. The notice of termination although has been limited to thirty, due to among other things that individual agreements on unforced resignations has been made within the current strategy for resources.

It is the changed preconditions for the organization in addition to the decreased need for production and maintenance activities that results in the redundancy. Alongside the review of the resources, an adaptation of the organizational structure as well as the strategy on competence takes place. In relation to this it is clear that there will be a certain need for new recruitment in order to assure expected long-term operation.

The negotiations regarding the notice of termination of thirty posts are expected to last until May, and not until then will the people that will be affected get the notification.

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