Functional and Long Term Operations at OKG

Published 2019-02-05 08:24

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority has recently completed the reviews of two comprehensive OKG reports. The authority states that both reviews verify that the organisation at OKG is capable of running long-term operations in a safe manner in relation to radiation safety.

During these past few years, the organisation at OKG has worked hard at establishing an action programme to counteract ageing related deficiencies in the facilities. The authority recently stated that OKG has implemented this action programme in such a manner that ageing related degradation and damages in the facilities are handled in an informed and structured manner. The license for the long-term operation of unit O3 is thus ensured, provided that the organisation is able to fulfil the expectations and commitments stipulated in the programme.

– This is, naturally, wonderful news since so many of our personnel have together worked hard to make this happen, says the Managing Director Johan Dasht.

A periodic safety review from OKG is also submitted to the Radiation Safety Authority every ten years, which is a comprehensive assessment of the plant safety and radiation safety. The report mentioned above was submitted in 2017 and describes the current status on the basis of a compilation of the operations during the past ten years. This is done in order to verify that the expected status can be maintained for the coming ten years. This report has also recently been approved by the authority.

– Both these reports are vital to our licensed operations, Johan Dasht says. This is why I with great satisfaction can say that the Radiation Safety Authority has through the review come to the conclusion that we do not only run functional operations, but we also have the required potential to maintain this in the long run.

Page updated Wednesday, February 06, 2019