• OKG chooses local supplier for decommissioning work

    Pressrelease Monday, December 11, 2017

    As part of the decommissioning of O1 and O2, OKG has today entered into an agreement with Damen Oskarshamnsvarvet. This involves the local manufacture of the steel tanks to be used for storing the reactor parts that are to be cut into smaller pieces.

  • Unit 3 back in operation

    News Thursday, November 30, 2017

    Oskarshamn 3 (O3) is back in operation after handling fuel failure. The production stopped on November 19 for refueling due to fuel failure and was restarted and connected to grid the night between...

  • OKG Takes Measures to Handle Fuel Damage Before Winter Arrives

    Pressrelease Friday, November 17, 2017

    On Sunday 19 November, the production will be temporarily shut down at unit Oskarshamn 3 (O3) in order to remedy fuel damage.

  • This year's maintenance shutdown at Oskarshamn 3 completed

    Pressrelease Thursday, October 26, 2017

    Soon Oskarshamn 3 (O3) will once again be producing climate-efficient and safe base power at full effect. At present a restart is underway after an almost two month long maintenance shutdown.

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