• OKG Takes Measures to Handle Fuel Damage Before Winter Arrives

    Pressrelease Friday, November 17, 2017

    On Sunday 19 November, the production will be temporarily shut down at unit Oskarshamn 3 (O3) in order to remedy fuel damage.

  • This year's maintenance shutdown at Oskarshamn 3 completed

    Pressrelease Thursday, October 26, 2017

    Soon Oskarshamn 3 (O3) will once again be producing climate-efficient and safe base power at full effect. At present a restart is underway after an almost two month long maintenance shutdown.

  • A multi-million SEK investment to secure long-term power supply from Oskarshamn 3

    Pressrelease Thursday, August 24, 2017

    OKG's Board of Directors has decided to invest in a complementary security system at Oskarshamn 3 (O3), a so-called independent core cooling. The system will be completed at some point during 2020 and will amount to a total cost of 865 million SEK. The investment is a fundamental prerequisite for the OKG organisation's ability to secure long-term supplies of weather-independent and fossil-free power from Sweden's largest single production plant.

  • Annual maintenance shutdown at O3

    Pressrelease Thursday, August 24, 2017

    After an operating season with very high production availability, it is time for the annual maintenance shutdown at Oskarshamn 3 (O3). From the turn of the year 2016-2017 until July, O3 has delivered at maximum capacity for 99.3% of the time. Now, 46 busy days of maintenance await which are focused on safety and quality in order to ensure stable power supplies in the coming 2017-2018 operating period.

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