The year’s maintenance shutdown at O3

Pressrelease Friday, August 24, 2018

After a season of operation which has seen stable production, it is again time to carry out the annual maintenance shutdown at Oskarshamn 3 (O3). We can now look forward to 26 intensive days of safety tests and quality control to ensure a stable supply of electricity up until the 2019 maintenance outage.

On Thursday 23rd August, O3 disconnected from external networks to begin the year's 26-day maintenance shutdown. The plant is scheduled to be operational again on 18th September. It will be a short overhaul with a large number of planned works to be carried out on a qualitative basis to ensure that the plant meets requirements relating to safety, working environment and production.

Apart from the usual refuelling, various maintenance works and tests, we will be carrying out a large number of tasks and tests. This will include visual inspection and testing of the reactor pressure vessel and testing of support legs for the core shroud support. The sheets in the turbine's reheater will also be replaced and the cooling water channels will be drained for inspection.

With a large number of contractors on site, safety is paramount. Safeguarding the working environment and ensuring the safety of the plant depend on us taking full responsibility for the quality of our work in all situations.

"Safety always comes before schedule. By sticking to good planning, we have every chance to complete the work safely and ensure that it is of high quality," said Mats Ekblad, Head of Production at O3.

For information on possible changes, please refer to the Nordic Power Exchange website, nordpoolgroup.com. You can also always read about the latest production via our Production Information page.

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