OKG’s annual maintenance shutdown complete

Pressrelease Friday, September 21, 2018

On last Thursday, with Oskarshamn (O3) being reconnected to the grid, OKG completed the annual maintenance shutdown. The facility will shortly resume supplying a climate-efficient and safe base load at full power.

All planned measures were carried out with great efficiency in four intensive weeks at the facility. Besides the standard annual refuelling, the agenda also included a large number of individual maintenance measures and testing.

Work started on 23 August. Amongst the measures to be carried out were replacement of the plate in the turbine's reheater, draining of cooling waterboxes (to enable inspection of these) and official inspection and testing in the reactor vessel. This latter included testing of the core shroud support's legs. All these tasks were carried out in accordance with the schedule drawn up before the shutdown.

"Through the great commitment of the workers and their taking of responsibility for safe and efficient working, this year's overhaul of Oskarshamn 3 went extremely well," comments Mats Ekblad, production manager. "Throughout the intensive work of carrying out the measures in the facility, safety was the highest priority in all stages. For this, I would like to send a great thank you to all our own and to all hired-in workers."

The maintenance shutdown was planned to run for twenty-six days. Primarily because of extra work with the scram system and the generator, the downtime was extended by a little less than two days.

"However, the facility is now ready for normal, stable and climate-efficient production," adds Mats Ekblad "It feels good that OKG is equipped so well for the coming winter and any cold snaps that may increase power needs."

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