This year's maintenance shutdown at Oskarshamn 3 completed

Pressrelease Thursday, October 26, 2017

Soon Oskarshamn 3 (O3) will once again be producing climate-efficient and safe base power at full effect. At present a restart is underway after an almost two month long maintenance shutdown.

This year's maintenance shutdown was in accordance with planning, a long shutdown. A large number of unique maintenance procedures and tests in addition to the normal annual refuel were carried out. The audit was scheduled for 46 days with a restart on 3 October, but because of additional work in the cooling system on the reactor that had been shut down, the shutdown period was extended by a further 15 days. In addition, the restart was delayed due to problems with a valve in the intermediate superheating system and after some efforts to remedy these problems, reconnection to the mains network occurred during Monday morning, 23 October. Full power is expected to be achieved by mid November.

During the maintenance shutdown, the generator breaker switch was replaced, which was the largest generator breaker switch change ever carried out in Sweden. It was carried out to ensure future electricity supplies. A number of unique tests of the reactor tank, moderator tank lid and moderator tank lock stand have been carried out with excellent results. At the same time the tri-annual service of the low-pressure turbine and an inspection of the intermediate superheating system were carried out. A replacement and upgrading of equipment and electronics in a number of security systems have also been implemented.

"Many individuals have contributed to the results of a complex audit. At a time when the number of producing reactors on the peninsula has gone from 3 to 1, and where employees have been leaving the company, it has been an extremely positive performance to carry out such an extensive outage with such commitment. I would like to thank the staff and suppliers for their work," says Mats Ekblad, Production Manager for O3.

Oskarshamn 3 is now ready for another year's climate-efficient power generation.

For further information on any changes, please see the website of the Nordic Power Exchange, nordpoolgroup.com. You can also find updated production information on our website About our production.

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