The Number of Notices of Termination at OKG Lower than Expected

Pressrelease Thursday, May 18, 2017

The proceedings regarding the notice of termination at OKG, decided on in November 2016, have recently been concluded. The number of notices of termination in 2017 has been estimated at 84 employees, instead of 200 individuals initially estimated at the time of the notice of termination given in 2016. All employees concerned by the decision will be informed by the end of May. The Managing Director, Johan Dasht, points out that this is in all respects a process just as a distressing as necessary.

OKG held a press conference this Thursday on the topic "decommissioning of reactors". During these past few years, decisions have been made which entail that unit Oskarshamn 2 has already been permanently shut down and unit Oskarshamn 1 is scheduled to be shut down in the coming turn of the half-year. The topic of the press conference was the plans concerning how the dismantling and demolition will take place.

In connection with this, MD Johan Dasht also accounted for the outcome of the proceedings held based on the need to adapt the size of the organisation in relation to the altered extent of the operations. The starting point was the notice of termination involving a total of 280 positions during the coming three years, decided on in November 2016.

– Natural redundancy and directed individual contracts have contributed to the number of employees affected by notice of termination this year being reduced to 84 individuals, says Johan Dasht. The number of employees that will be given notice has thus been reduced by circa 60 per cent. This indicates that OKG as well as the trade-union representatives have taken a great responsibility concerning the adaptation of the organisation, while at the same time being able to show consideration for the employees.

At the turn of the month, information will be given to the employees concerned, either in the form of a notice of termination or in the form of transfer to another post. During this coming summer, OKG will also, together with Trygghetsrådet (non-profit foundation assisting in redundancy situations), establish a so called outplacement office in the town of Oskarshamn, where anyone who wishes can receive help and support in finding new employment.

Even though the future organisation of OKG will still remain one of the major companies in the area, the reduced extent of the operations also entails that the resource needs will amount to 600 employees within a few years.

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