Subcontractor Benefited by Invalid Medical Certificates

Pressrelease Monday, May 11, 2015

Last week, four individuals have been suspended from work at OKG. The reason for this was that falsifications in their admission documents were found. The case concerns invalid medical certificates. OKG has immediately looked into if there are more of these invalid documents, and the company's supplier of occupational health service, Previa, has also reported the matter to the police.

During routine checks of the various admission documents required for work at OKG, four cases of invalid medical certificates were revealed. All these cases are related to the same subcontractor; a staffing agency which in this way has obtained advantages in the supply of resources for the ongoing maintenance work at Oskarshamn 1 (O1). By these certificates which were not based on actual medical examinations, the resources in question have been available for work significantly sooner than if all documents would have been obtained in the prescribed way.

The medical certificates have been issued under the name of the industrial health service Previa, and Previa has therefore reported the matter to the police as forgery of documents.

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