Resumed Electricity Deliveries at Units Oskarshamn 1 and Oskarshamn 3 after Successful Maintenance Measures

Pressrelease Monday, June 29, 2015

The measures at Oskarshamn 1 (O1) and Oskarshamn 3 (O3) have been very successful. Unit Oskarshamn 1 resumed the production on the night before this past Sunday, one day sooner than estimated, and unit Oskarshamn 3 resumed the electricity production last night, a few hours sooner than scheduled.

During the planned maintenance shutdown at unit O1, which commenced on Sunday 21 June, measures which cannot be performed during operation have been taken. The scheduled activities have been completed according to plan, but the shutdown was extended due to additional work. The electricity production was resumed on the night before Sunday 28 June, and maximum power is scheduled to be attained by the end of this week.

The production at unit Oskarshamn 3 (O3) was stopped on the night before Thursday 25 June, due to measures required on a valve leakage in a process system. The unit resumed the electricity deliveries on Sunday night after completed successful maintenance measures. Measures will also be taken during operation, on a pump in the condensate system in the conventional turbine plant, and the power level will thus be temporarily on 1,200 MW out of the maximum power (1,400 MW).

The safety modernisation in progress at unit Oskarshamn 2 (O2) is in an intense phase involving commissioning of a number of systems and components.


For further information on any changes, please see the website of the Nordic Power Exchange, nordpoolspot.com. You can also find updated production information on our website About our production.

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