Restart of Unit Oskarshamn 1 Obstructed

Pressrelease Friday, September 25, 2015

A technical failure on a valve resulted in that the restart of unit Oskarshamn 1 (O1) was stopped on Thursday evening. The operational disturbance occurred in connection with a compulsory performance test and an internal analysis has been initiated to establish the cause of the valve not functioning as expected.

On Thursday 24 September, the restart of unit O1 commenced after a shutdown period of nearly six weeks initiated to localize and handle leakage of air into the condenser. In connection with a performance test during the power ascent, it was detected that one out of four valves in one of the safety systems was jammed in its open position. The operation at the unit was subsequently stopped in accordance with the procedures in force. All the safety functions worked as expected during the shutdown.

After having shut down the facility, maintenance personnel were able to close the valve. Since this is a rare kind of fault, an internal analysis has been initiated to find the causes of why the valve did not function as expected. The conclusions will be accounted for in accordance with the regular procedures for the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, SSM.

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