Our Aim – Learning from the Best

Published 2015-10-22 10:33

A team of approximately thirty international nuclear experts are currently at OKG for a few weeks with the purpose of performing one of the regular recurrent reviews of the company's activities.

These experts represent approximately ten different areas such as operations, maintenance, radiation protection, as well as management and organisational development. Together with a group of counterparts from OKG, the experts analyse the activities with the aim of guiding the organisation in the striving for continuous improvements. The aim is naturally to make use of the experts' technical knowledge and experiences from colleagues within the nuclear industry from all over the work.

– Irrespective of the recent decision made concerning final shutdown of two of our reactors, continuous international experience exchange is an extremely valuable part of our development work, Managing Director Johan Svenningsson says. As a result of our changed commission, this kind of evaluations and guidance are even more important than previously.

Page updated Wednesday, October 28, 2015