Important Milestone Reached for Unit Oskarshamn 2

Pressrelease Friday, April 24, 2015

The safety modernisation currently being conducted at unit Oskarshamn 2 (O2) has now reached an important milestone. The extensive work with cable pulling has been completed and the project will now enter the finishing stage – the start-up.

The cable pulling started in 2012 and a total of 1,060 kilometres of cables has been installed, a stretch as long as the distance from Oskarshamn to Skellefteå. In order to meet the requirements imposed on separation, the cables had to be replaced and 12,580 new cables have been installed and are now are ready for testing. In addition to the installation of new cables, 300 kilometres of existing cables were also dismantled. The cables are used for the control, measuring and monitoring of equipment in the facility, from the control room.

– We have reached an important milestone which means a great deal to the continuation of the work with the modernisation. The work has been far more extensive than anticipated at the beginning, and very hard work has been necessary to complete the work with the cable pulling, says Mikael Gustafsson, outage manager.

The work has taken longer than anticipated, which is partly due to the complexity of the work and by the number of cables to be installed. Concurrently with the progress of the project being improved, the knowledge of how long it may take to complete the remaining measures also increases. The restart is scheduled to take place on 20 December, 2015.

– We are now leaving the very extensive installation work behind us and are entering the finishing stage, the start-up. The following work includes testing and quality assurance of the facility before unit O2 may be restarted. Several major and complicated steps in the modernisation process have already been performed and we are now approaching the final target, says Mikael.

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