Unit Oskarshamn 3 Beats the Production Record – More than 10 TWh of Climate Efficient Electricity Delivered

Published 2016-12-13 12:06

Unit Oskarshamn 3 (O3) beats the production record from 2015 and has to the present date in 2016 produced 10.1 billion kilowatt hours of climate efficient electricity for the Swedish industry and households.

Unit O3 delivered its first kilowatt hours of electricity on 3 March, 1985. During these 31 years of operation, unit O3 has beaten many production records, especially after the major modernisation project implemented at the start of the 21st century when the unit became one of the largest nuclear power plants of its kind with a gross capacity of 1,450 megawatt.

Last year, unit O3 noted an annual production which for the first time exceeded 10 billion kilowatt hours. However, on 10 December the unit broke the old delivery record and is estimated to proudly display an annual production of 10.8 billion kilowatt hours by the end of 2016.

– It is a major thing that we annually deliver energy to such an extent that it equals the annual consumption of approximately half a million homes, Mats Ekblad, production manager at unit O3, says proudly. Moreover, the fact that the electricity is climate efficient, which means that we do not have any carbon dioxide releases in our manufacturing process, is additionally gratifying.

With a technical lifetime of sixty years, it is our wish that unit O3 will deliver electricity until the year 2045. Hence, the future most certainly comes with more record deliveries.

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