Three-year plan for further restructuring of OKG personnel

Published 2016-11-21 09:07

In order to adjust the organisation for the long-term production of electricity, alongside responsible decommissioning, OKG hereby announces the need to reduce the number of personnel by 280 in the following three years.

OKG announces a gradual reduction of personnel by 280 positions. This is part of the work on adjusting the organisation for the long-term operation of Oskarshamn 3, alongside the responsible decommissioning of Oskarshamn 1 and 2. The announcement is also motivated by the decision to shut down these two reactors in a short time.

The demand for personnel is changed due to the decreased amount of work. Careful analyses show that OKG will need approximately 600 personnel in the future. Compared to the current number, the number of redundant OKG personnel will be 280 in the next few years. OKG will thus shortly begin negotiations with trade unions about gradually decreasing the number of personnel.

– Decommissioning two reactors early means that our situation will be drastically changed, says MD Johan Dasht. Since the decisions last year, we have begun adjusting all work and activities in their entirety. This has already led to a decrease of 500 job opportunities on the Simpevarp peninsula, mostly because subcontractor and consulting firm contracts are becoming fewer and less extensive. It has also become more and more clear that the natural decrease in personnel will not be enough to adjust the size of the organisation down to the current level needed.

By 2019, OKG will have 600 personnel stationed in the two areas which, following the shut-down decisions, will constitute the main task of OKG. Firstly, decommissioning should progress efficiently, and secondly, the future production-related activities at O3 should be both safe and competitive.

– For our organisation to be successful in the future as well, we are going to need competent and motivated personnel. We will still have much interesting work to offer both in the production at O3 and in the decommissioning of the two plants. OKG will thus still be one of Oskarshamn's biggest employers, Johan Dasht emphasizes.

Negotiations with the unions will begin shortly and are likely to go on for the next few months. The personnel is informed continually about the process, and are offered support.

Page updated Monday, November 21, 2016