Scheduled Shutdown at Unit Oskarshamn 1

Pressrelease Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Due to steam and water leakage in the conventional turbine equipment, unit Oskarshamn 1 (O1) is scheduled to go offline in order for troubleshooting to be performed.

Previously verified leakage of steam and water in the conventional turbine equipment has now increased and sealing the leak is subsequently required.

The power will be gradually reduced on Wednesday 24 February and the unit will go offline at 4 p.m. The electricity production will be resumed as soon as it has been possible to verify from where the leakage stems and when adequate measures have been taken. It has been assessed that this will possibly take place in the coming week.

For further information on any changes, please see the website of the Nordic Power Exchange, nordpoolspot.com. You can also find updated production information on our website Production information.

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