Prompt Adaptation of OKG’s Activities

Pressrelease Monday, February 15, 2016

The assessment of the resource needs brought about by the decision to shut down units O1 and O2 is now being supplemented by an extensive review of the activities as a whole. Purchase of goods and services is continuously reviewed in order to prevent that the competitiveness is undermined. The increasingly negative market prospects speed up the required adaptation of OKG's activities to present as well as future conditions.

- First and foremost, we intend to adapt our organisation to the long-term activities that involves only one out of three production units in operation, says the managing director of OKG, Johan Dasht. Although this principally concerns adaptation to the decisions already made regarding the decommissioning of units O1 and O2, further deteriorated market prospects mean that the process is speeded up. We will review the entire case again, and we will continue our work with becoming more efficient while adapting to our changed assignment. Upholding OKG's long-term conditions as well as adapting to new conditions are vital factors to the future of our company.

The complete reconsideration of the investment needs and purchase of goods and services is expected to result in that a number of investment projects are postponed or entirely closed down. This will also involve a review of various forms of consultancy services and to what extent such services are used within the resource assurance.

- In order for us to manage our changed assignment, we must constantly renew our analyses of the investment and staffing needs, says Johan Dasht. For many years ahead, OKG will be a major and significant workplace in the county, and creating long-term conditions is important to our employees as well as to the company.

For this reason, positions with trial employments have also been reconsidered. Such positions and future vacancies will preferably be filled by already permanently employed personnel.

Johan Dasht is well in agreement with the impact all these measures will have on those who are dependent on OKG's activities, but he is at the same time determined to create the conditions required for long-term and persistent competitiveness.

Page updated Tuesday, February 16, 2016