Oskarshamn 1 commences the first maintenance outage of 2016 at OKG

Pressrelease Tuesday, March 29, 2016

On Monday 28 March, Oskarshamn 1 (O1) left the outer grid for the annual maintenance outage, which will be its final outage period, following the decision to shut down the plant permanently in 2017.

Up until the maintenance outage, production has progressed as planned, with the expection of some downtime in the autumn in order to localise and repair a leakage of air into the condenser, plus a brief shutdown in February in order to repair a leakage of steam and water in the conventional turbine equipment.

Major work, such as fuel replacement, replacement of heaters in the turbine equipment, and replacement of various pumps, will be performed in the planned 48 days of the outage period. The plant is planned to be operating again by 15 May.

Oskarshamn 3 produces electricity as planned and is preparing for this year's maintenance outage, which will begin at the end of May.

Page updated Tuesday, March 29, 2016