2015 – A Year of Anniversary Filled with Various Milestones

Pressrelease Monday, January 04, 2016

On 14 July 2015 the establishment of OKG turned 50 years and the year of anniversary 2015 came to be characterized by significant extremes. At the same time as unit Oskarshamn 1 (O1) as well as unit Oskarshamn 3 (O3) beat various kinds of production records, the company's owner came to the conclusion that the conditions of resuming the operation at the today fully safety upgraded unit Oskarshamn 2 (O2) are not sufficient.

During the past year of 2015, unit O3 was for the first time ever recorded for having an annual production exceeding 10 billion kilowatt hours. This amount of power supply is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of about half a million normal-sized private houses. The record is noted despite the fact that OKG for approximately one month had to limit the production at the unit due to little power demand. The record electricity delivery is even more remarkable since the unit occasionally also was obstructed by fuel damage as well as problems with the control of different valves in the conventional turbine equipment. However, unit Oskarshamn 3 is on the other hand one of the largest nuclear power reactors of its kind in the world after the upgrade completed in 2009.

Unit Oskarshamn 1 also beat the record during the company's anniversary year by having approximately 300 days of trouble-free electricity deliveries during the period June 2014 - March 2015 which is the longest continuous production period in the plant's history, which goes back about forty years. The production at unit O1 was thus in 2015 essentially run according to plan with the exception of nearly two months of downtime during the autumn, performed in order to localize and handle an inlet air leak in the condenser.

The cumulative production at units O1 and O3 in 2015 resulted in deliveries of approximately 12 billion kilowatt hours to the Nordic power system, which was on a level with the outcome in 2014.

In the month of October, OKG's owner decided to take the consequences of the energy political means of control which substantially disfavour the company's competitiveness. Unique taxation of nuclear power based electricity production amounting to many billions combined with a government-subsidized expansion of weather-dependent power production are factors regarded as making it impossible to have any kind of profitability for O1 and O2, neither in the short term nor in the long term. Thus, the decision was made to permanently shut down unit O1 by 2019 at the latest, and to not resume the operation at unit O2 after the final stage of the safety upgrade, which had been in progress since June 2013. All in all, this means that the OKG organisation in the future faces a largely reformulated mission, including recognized as well as new challenges.

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