OKG's environmental management system was certified in 2002 in accordance with ISO 14001. The renewal is done every third year, the last in 2014, to verify that the environmental management system is managing towards constant improvements and that OKG is complying with the demands in the standard ISO 14001:2004.

OKG's comprehensive strategy for the environment in everyday work is not only to systematize, develop and integrate the work with environmental management, but also to improve the work environment at the plant and lower collective and individual radiation doses.

All energy conversion affects the environment in one way or another. Normal operation in a nuclear power plant produces almost no emission. The most evident environmental influence is the cooling water from the sea, which is released again after it has cooled the steam in the reactor to water.

Improvements to the environment are occurring constantly at OKG and a new assessment of the most significant environmental aspects is completed each year. New environmental objectives are drafted each year. OKG strives to achieve enduring and long-term solutions.

Page reviewed Wednesday, July 26, 2017